about us

We are a small, specitaly breeder, and we only breed this type of dog. We have been breeding Malshis since 2014. Our breeding females are Shih Tzus, and our males are AKC registered Malteses. From experience we know how hard it can be to find a reputable breeder, but with us you can rest assured that your puppy is handled and raised with with care. Our puppies are all raisied in our home. All of our puppies are sold with a No Breeding Contract contract as we ONLY sell to pet homes.  We WILL NOT let a puppy go until it is 8 weeks old, it is the law! We do not offer meetings in our home, we meet in Titusville, PA for 8 week sale meetings ONLY. It is how we have always done things, and we feel it is best for the well being and safety of our dogs and puppies. We do not ship, and we only accept cash payment at time of sale. Pictures of any available pups will be updated weekly, so check back often! Please contact us with any question: malshipuppiespa@gmail.com