What is our Spay/neuter contract?

We at Malshi Puppies PA only sell our puppies to responsible PET homes. A responsible pet home spays and neuters their dogs. In order to prevent accidental litters, puppy mills, and back yard breeding, we have all buyers sign our spay/neuter contract. Our contract gives new owners until the dogs 7 month birthday to have the dog fixed, AND to return the proof of surgery, and vet information to us. Proof of the surgery and the vet info MUST be returned to us by the date stated. The contract is also very clear that our puppies are never to be bred, even on accident, or before the 7 month surgery cut off. All buyers must sign and obey this contract, no exeptions. Some will contact us saying that their vet would like to wait longer than the 7 month date before spay/neutering, the answer from us is no. Please note that we will not give extentions on the contract, and that we have a list of vets that will do the surgery anytime from 12 weeks of age and up, no matter the size or weight of the puppy. Please view our contracts page for additional information. Thank you for your understanding on this matter!